Wednesday, January 19, 2011



Pentax K10D
SMC Pentax-FA 28-90 at 65mm
1/30 sec. f6.7
ISO 800

It's hard to tell which looks lonelier, the man or the bench. This frame was captured early in the morning on a cold and gray January day in New Orleans, and although the camera's autofocus was hurriedly fixed on the fence, not the man or the bench, the foreground seems to have turned out to be sufficiently sharp.

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Carl said...

Wow, Nice shot. Look at all the leading lines to the hooded man ... vertical wrought iron fence, stone wall, bench horizontal slats, arches in the legs of the benches, the lines in the sidewalk, all pull the eye to the man and a study of him revealing the hat on the knee, the clogs, the stripped pants. A lonely photo that leaves the viewer with many questions to contemplate. Also a comparison of the man to ones self and concluding that I never seem to give myself the time to sit and ponder as this man is doing. Hopefully he is not depressed, as the photo implies with the slumped shoulders. I don't often spend this much time on a photo, but the excellent composition is noteworthy and thought provoking. Finally, I would be afraid to take this shot for fear the shutter sound would cause him to turn and confront the photographer. Your bravery is exemplary.