Tuesday, January 18, 2011



Pentax *ist DS
SMC Pentax-DA 18-55 at 40mm
1/750 sec. f4.5
ISO 400

Another Deborah Abbott photo, this one captures a passerby navigating an outside corridor at the French Market on New Orleans' waterfront. The low early-morning backlighting makes the figure seem almost ominous, but he was just on his way to work somewhere in the French Quarter.

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Carl said...

Another WOW photo, Deborah! Squared up nicely with many lines and curves. Did you crop this photo? I'd like to see his full shadow, but that would have made him smaller. Nice back lighting on the walking figure, like the halo around the bag he is carrying and his left leg and the lighting on his right leg from the reflection of the sun on the back of his left leg. The excellent exposure of the mural and seated lady draws your eye past the man ... your timing to let him move far to his left is excellent, so we can see the mural and lady. The vines around the mural are a nice inner frame with the man and the darkened door on the right and light/dark border right in front of the man on the floor. Then there is the arch for an outer border and dark walls on both sides. Nice leading line on the right of the angular shadow drawing you into the frame/man/mural/lady. Even the shadow of the door knob is a leading line up and to the left! (If you don't mind a suggestion: crop the left side past the white bag on the ground.) That will bring out the halo around the man's upper body and hood, and makes the seated lady appear like a 3-D extension out of the mural. As you can tell, the more I study an enlarged copy of this photo, the better I feel and the more I believe that this is an award winner (9 pts. on a 6 - 9 scales my camera club uses in judging.) Where can we see more of your photos online? Carl Morrison