Friday, April 17, 2009



Pentax K10D
SMC Pentax-F* 300mm f4.5 ED (IF)
1/750 sec. f9.5
ISO 400

"You call that a backstroke, kid? You look like an outboard motor that ain't going nowhere. Reach and pull, don't flail. Now get back in there and give me 20 laps."

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Robyn said...

Well caught! Amazing. But to me he seems to be saying - 'This is my pool - get out'!!

Actually there's a bit of a story about this. About 10 years ago, four of us deaf girls went camping up north. We stayed in a motorpark, near another hotel that had a huge pool. At 3 in the morning, after getting slightly merry, we sneaked into the other hotel and went for a midnight skinny dip. The hotel owner caught us and stood at the pool saying - 'get out of our pool'. One of my friends was saying - 'if you want us out 'come in and get us out'. He finally got sick of us and threw our clothes into the pool, which meant we had to put wet clothes back on to walk back to our campground.

So - the four sparrows in this image is like myself and my friends, and the Robin who's shouting is like the hotel owner getting us out of the pool.

Anyway - we had dinner at that hotel the next night, and the owner met us at the door and said in a very loud voice..

'I don't recognise you four with your clothes on'!!

he bought us all drinks with the money that fell out of our pockets and ended up in his pool !!!

Those were the days!