Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sparrow No. 4


Pentax *ist DS
Sigma 135-400 at 340mm
1/350 sec. f8
ISO 400

English sparrows are so common that one wonders why a photographer would be interested, but I like them because they often perch on one place for long seconds, cocking their heads in saucy poses, enabling me to rattle off several shots before they depart. And sometimes I get a good photo. These birds are wonderful subjects for an amateur photographer seeking to polish his wildlife technique. Click on the photo for a slightly larger version.

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brummyboy said...

henry thanks for youre splendid work of getting shots of sparrows having a wee debate on g+ what is this bird knowing our own sparrow some one took an foto of a sparrow up in Washington State, US on the North Olympic Peninsula and he was wondering wich one it was thanks for youre great work we solved his problem