Thursday, September 17, 2009

Susan Dacy and her Stearman


Pentax K20D
SMC Pentax-F* 300mm f4.5 ED (IF)
1/1500 sec. f9.5
ISO 400

Rummaging through the photos taken last July at the big Oshkosh air fest, I found this overlooked shot of aerobatic performer Susan Dacy and her colorful 1940 Stearman, a much-beloved type that trained many thousands of Army Air Corps and Navy pilots during World War II. Hundreds of the 70-year-old airplanes are still in flying condition and appear at air shows every summer.

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Carl Morrison said...

Henry, Welcome Back! Bob Williams and I photographed the Depot Inn & Suites Kirksville (MO) Airshow Sept. 11 & 12 for Steve Grande and It was the Dacy Air Show that put it on, sound familiar? Seems like a different part of their group was at this show. We had the US Army Golden Knights as well - I went up in the jump plane to 12,500 ft. with both doors open on the Fokker. Great weekend. I'll let you know when my story is online. Carl Morrison