Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yellow Trout Lily


Pentax K10D
SMC Pentax-F* 300mm f4.5 ED (IF)
1/180 sec. f8
ISO 400

We'd never seen this wildflower before, but that was because we always had arrived at our cabin on Lake Superior after its brief blooming period in May. Its name comes from its leaves, speckled like a trout, and it's also known as the dogtooth violet (although it's not a violet but a member of the lily family). I used the 300mm lens because that's what was on my camera when we spotted the blooms.

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greenhermit said...


Nice photo. We always called this flower an "adder tongue". Look forward to more Green spring flowers. Among the common one's around there are the cowslips, Dutchman's britches, bloodroot, a variety of violets, Jack-in-the pulpits, a couple of different trilliums, and many others. Take a walk up the Halfway River Road and hang a right into the woods where the river first crosses the road and walk back down. You'll find them all there in the Hermit's valley - along with the woodticks. Rarer finds would include the lady slippers, trailing arbutus, and the twin flowers.